Covid-19 Precautions


Be Pro Be Proud is an initiative designed to change student perceptions about technical professions in Arkansas’s manufacturing, construction, transportation, and utility sectors.  Eleven professions within these sectors are showcased onboard the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop, a custom built 53-foot double-expandable trailer that when deployed, is 1,000 square feet in size.  The Workshop is a heated/cooled space with one air return.  Its maximum capacity is 60.  Since the vehicle was deployed on September 5, 2019, more than 10,000 students have toured the Workshop with approximately 200 students touring per day.   


Each hour begins with the Be Pro Mobile Workshop Tour Director gathering students around a 65-inch touch screen to brief students on topics related to the InitiativeStudents are then introduced to the eleven onboard augmented reality, virtual reality, and driving simulators.  These stations offer joysticks, handles, fasteners, steering wheels, touch screens, and headsets.  Devices and stations are cleaned once weekly or as often as needed.  Student volunteers (MVPs) are assigned daily and assist the Be Pro Tour Team with guiding students through the operation of the various stations. 



Cleaning Protocols 

Beginning each day, the Be Pro Tour Team will spray and wipe, as directed, all exposed hard surfaces with “PURE Hard Surface,” a colorless, odorless, ready-to-use disinfectant and sanitizer developed for use on hard non-porous, environmental surfaces, including food contact surfaces.  PURE Hard Surface is a Silver Dihydrogen Citrate-based formula designed to attract and break down bacteria and virus cell membranes.  (See Attachment A) The applied solution will remain on surfaces for no less than 30 seconds before wiping away excess liquid. 

 All porous surfaces must be sprayed and wiped with isopropyl alcohol with at least 70 percent alcohol undilutedSurfaces touched by users’ hands or that come in contact with users’ faces or exposed skin must be disinfected with a sanitizing wipe between each use.   All high contact surfaces are to be disinfected hourly. Multiple hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the space and all students are required to apply hand sanitizer when boarding the unit and between station uses. 

 Health Messages, Monitoring & PPE 

COVID-19 Safety Precaution Decals are affixed on the two entryways into the Workshop. (See Attachment B)  Standard “Social Distancing” floor decals are placed 6 feet or more apart to prevent clustering.   CDC-compliant two-layer cotton masks are on-board and available for visitors without face coverings.  All visitors are required to wear face coverings throughout the duration of their visit.   Multiple non-touch thermometers are onboard and the Be Pro Tour Team and all volunteers will have temperatures checked and logged daily.  Thermometers will also be used as needed after consultation with the host-teacher, counselor or designee.   

Daily Operations Protocols 

The Be Pro Mobile Workshop Tour Director will conduct briefings each hour inside the respective classroom or outside the Be Pro Mobile Workshop when weather conditions permitUpon completion of the initial briefing, no more than 10 students will be ushered by a Be Pro MVP, Be Pro Tour Team Member, or school designee to the Mobile Workshop to explore the on-board simulators.  Each group will spend approximately 15 minutes on board, as time permits.  The Tour Manager will remain in the classroom or outside the Mobile Workshop to continue discussions with remaining students. 

Arkansas Department of Education – BeProBeProud Support Letter