CNC Operator

CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines make precision parts found in items we use every day. CNC operators enable the machine’s success by programming precision cutting and using skillfully-trained ears to avoid issues like excessive vibrations that can affect quality.

Job Outlook 2016–2026*

+7%* expected growth

Education/Training Required

Minimum = High school diploma or equivalent
Preferred = Apprenticeship during or after high school


  • Set up, monitor and operate the machines
  • Calibrate the settings of the machines for temperature, speed and cycle times
  • Feed material into the machines and remove the finished products
  • Use gauges and measuring instruments to test finished products and ensure they meet specifications
  • Record production numbers

Wages in Arkansas*

Top 10% Annual = $48,810

Average Annual = $35,980
Average Hourly = $17.30

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