Commercial Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers keep commerce in motion across the country and around the world. Whether delivering essential, life-saving goods like medical equipment or non-essential goods like candy, truck drivers meet the needs of both suppliers and consumers.

Job Outlook 2016–2026*

+10% expected growth

Education/Training Required

Minimum = High school diploma or equivalent


  • Drive long distances
  • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road
  • Follow all applicable traffic laws
  • Inspect trailers before and after the trip, and record any defects they find
  • Maintain a log of working hours, following all federal and state regulations
  • Report serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel
  • Keep truck and associated equipment clean and in good working order

Wages in Arkansas*

Top 10% Annual = $60,710

Average Annual = $37,930
Average Hourly = $18.24

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arkansas Trucking Association and

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