Plumbers keep water and wastewater flowing, by installing and maintaining the pipes, fixtures, plumbing and appliances used in homes and businesses.

Job Outlook 2016–2026*

+17% expected growth

Education/Training Required

Minimum = High school diploma or equivalent to enter an apprenticeship
Preferred = 4- or 5-year plumbing apprenticeship


  • Diagnose malfunctions, determine the materials needed and prepare a cost estimate
  • Install pipes that can carry water, steam, air or waste
  • Ensure that all systems and equipment meets safety standards and building codes
  • Install fixtures like sinks and tanks
  • Resolve plumbing problems
  • Cut into infrastructure such as walls or ceilings to make room for the pipes and fixtures

Wages in Arkansas

Top 10% Annual = $61,120*

Average Annual = $39,940**
Average Hourly = $19.20**

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