The Initiative

a prosperous Arkansas Depends on You.

Right now, Arkansas’s workforce is facing a challenge. Over 23% of the current skilled professionals are at or near retirement age. But our state’s workforce isn’t prepared to fill the positions our retiring workers are creating. Now is the time to act. By changing how Arkansans think about the job opportunities provided by skilled professions, we can inspire today’s youth and lead them, and our state, down the path to prosperity.


  • More than 82% of manufacturers report a moderate or serious shortage in skilled production workers (Source: National Association of Manufacturers)
  • The age gap is widening.
    • Only 33% of skilled trade workers are under 45 years old
    • 49% are between 45 and 54
    • 18% are over 55.

How Can You Get Involved?

Unleashing our state's true potential is a team effort. As a business leader, mentor or educator, you can help us change social perception by being an ambassador for the movement. By working together, we can bring a new generation of pride, progress & professionals to Arkansas's skilled workforce.

  • Sign up for the Workforce Workshop to be hosted at your organization or school
  • Become a spokesperson in your community on the potential of skilled professions
  • Request an information packet about the movement

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The Workforce Workshop

The best opportunity to reach those who will make up the skilled workforce of the future is to bring the opportunity to them. Our mobile unit, the Workforce Workshop, provides hands-on experience with skilled professions while showing the jobs in depth to a live audience.

The Workforce Workshop tour will feature a customized, interactive trailer loaded with information, skills challenges and more as it makes its way across Arkansas visiting companies, schools and community events.

To find out where the Workforce Workshop will be next, or to bring it to your school or event, CLICK HERE.

Partners in Progress

Guiding our state to a better future is no small task. That’s why we’re so grateful for the businesses and organizations that have made it their priority to build Arkansas’s skilled workforce. And we would love to have you join them.

For more information on how your business or organization can become a Be Pro Be Proud Partner, CLICK HERE and fill out our sponsorship form.

The Initiative