Creating an efficient schedule for students to tour the Mobile Workshop will ensure a great experience


Tours are designed for eighth graders and older. Any student under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


One teacher is required to be on board and supervising students at all times.

MVP Volunteers

Teachers will select six students to volunteer to work hand-in-hand with the Mobile Workshop Tour Team.


The Be Pro Tour Director will conduct briefings at the beginning of each day, or each period, inside a designated classroom or auditorium.

Tour times

The Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop will be ready to begin receiving students/visitors at 8:30 AM and conclude at 3:00 PM


If the tour Team is on site for more than 4 hours, they will require a lunch break. Lunch should be determined prior to arrival


No more than 30 students will be ushered by a Be Pro MVP to the Mobile Workshop. once inside , they will have the opportunity to explore each VR simulator. Each group will spend roughly 15 minutes on board

COVID Safety

Be Pro Be Proud operates safely in accordance with recommended COVID-19 health and safety standards.
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The Most Valuable Pros

BE PRO BE PROUD created the Most Valuable Pros Program (MVPs) to offer a unique hands-on learning and leadership opportunity for students that you select to participate. Sixstudent volunteers are invited to spend the day working with the Be Pro Mobile Workshop Tour Team to demonstrate the use of on-board simulators and communicate directly with peers about training and career opportunities.


  • Six students volunteers (male and female) are chosen by their teacher
  • MVPs need to arrive at 8:30 AM on their tour day
  • MVPs will receive a complimentary BE PRO BE PROUD MVP t-shirt to wear on tour day
  • After an end-of-day debriefing, the Tour Director will dismiss the MVPs to return to class
  • Waivers may be necessary before students can be showcased on social media channels
  • MVPs MUST be over 14 years old and preferably in the highest participating grade at the host site